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Single Wick Candle Holder - Solid Oak

Contemporary wooden saucer compatible with Bath & Body Works/White Barn single wick candles.
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This handmade candle saucer will fit most popular single wick candles that are 2 ¾" in diameter (compatible with most Bath & Body Works single wick candles).  Hand made from solid red oak and features a durable, maintenance-free lacquer finish.
An excellent addition to any gift or a standout present on its own, especially for those with a surplus of these popular single wick candles!
Made here in Ohio, USA.
Since this item is handmade from natural materials, details such as woodgrain and exact dimensions may vary from the stock item shown in the photographs.  Since this item is made by hand, please consider the processing time when placing your order.
Please note: Wooden saucer only. Candle and other items shown are for display purposes only and are not included.